If your business marketing strategy strives to be dynamic, exciting and innovative with a determination to succeed, then choosing motorsports as a marketplace for your brand is a perfect fit.


Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport, that is true, however other categories of motorsport have phenomenal reach with significant and devoted fans that follow riders, drivers and teams religiously. Fans that buy into their teams’ sponsors and partners brands.

Domestic headline race series such as British Superbikes, British Touring Car Championship, British GT and supporting series attract high audience numbers both at the track, television and social media. BSB and BTCC attracting up to 50,000 people attending a race weekend with viewing figures almost 4 times this live on TV. Then there are the highlights shows with viewing figures even higher!

By using motorsport to promote your business through a racing team, rider or driver within the domestic race series, you will open up a wide array of marketing and business growth opportunities.


The opportunities presented to a business are exciting and engaging! That’s all fun, but what about the return on your investment?

With the right deal in place that suits your needs, you could have access to images that can add some spice and excitement to your marketing materials that help you stand out from the crowd. Brand association with fast-paced, committed, innovative and driven individuals and teams will portray your business in the same light.

There is the possibility to entertain your valued customers at a race day, hospitality, pit access and tours, get behind the scenes and give them a day to remember. Just imagine the buzz created by your group all getting behind a team, rider or driver – supporting YOUR athlete or team. OR, how about using this access to incentivize your employees as a reward day. They won’t forget it!

Athletes and teams could become your brand ambassadors – regular social media posts, promoting your brand on pit walks and meeting your customers or staff. Motorsport professionals and teams have incredible reach on social media – you get access to their followers through them promoting you.

Make your own social media come alive! You will have regular exciting updates to post across all forms of social media, content is king after all. Stories will not be hard to come by for you to post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and any other place you are active.

The opportunities are only limited by your imagination……you will be sure to get your value for money.


Sponsoring up and coming talent, younger athletes that are making waves and causing a stir could also work for your brand. If your company is young, growing and motivated to succeed, then you have a lot in common with these athletes. Or perhaps these are just the values you wish to portray and be associated with your company or brand. Why not consider aligning these values with someone that will be dedicated to promoting you in return for your support and encouragement.


I hope you can see that sponsoring within motorsport is not just about handing out your money and putting a sticker on a car, bike, helmet, race suit or leathers. It is about activating inspirational goals within a powerful relationship. Your message can be communicated in new ways. Motorsport is passionate, fast-paced and invokes emotion, an environment that you can be part of to drive your business and brand forward. Get it right for you and you will not look back.

Buckle up, put on your race gear and get on the starting grid!


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